Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feeling flat

 Over the past two weeks THE Coach has mentioned that I've seemed 'a bit flat' and I've had to agree.  He's perceptive; THE Coach.  After such a great holiday I've found it difficult to get back into the swing of things, especially riding in the city.  I need a project to work on - a holiday project.  So I've been spending evenings searching the internet looking for an answer to the crucial question -
"Where to next?"
All cycling suggestions welcome.
 A little cooler today so we went for a late ride to Silverwater.  It was beautiful cycling weather with many people out on their bikes around Homebush.  After cycling round the Armoury THE Coach cycled back to take some shots of the magnificent wattles in bloom.
I pedaled on without him.  Although I've not been for a ride for two weeks the legs were okay, but it's a shame my coordination was a bit off.  Signaling a left hand turn, my right hand braked sharply just as I hit one of those speed bumps and so I tipped right over the handle bars on to the road.  Yep, a fall without THE Coach nearby.  Luckily some kind drivers stopped and passed over tissues, while a very sweet little old lady donated some ice.  THE Coach arrived and could see that cycling home wasn't a possibility so pedaled off at high speed to get the car.
A brief detour to Concord hospital. Three stitches and a tetanus shot later and THE Coach kindly bundled me home for some TLC.
Did I say feeling flat? Well now I'd have to say feeling foolish, frumpy and flat.  The sooner I answer that holiday question the better!