Sunday, September 20, 2009

So it begins...

An old coach with a new contract...

Two cycle rides this weekend, inspired by Monica and Paul's lengthy ride in New York.
THE coach has agreed to take me on again under his strict conditions - the 5-1 ratio. Five rides solo earns one ride, plus coffee, plus breakfast with THE coach. He completed his first commitment by showing me a safe ride through Wareemba and out to Breakfast Point, 24Kms in all. Yesterday we rode together, today I did 22 Kms alone.

This morning's solo ride was most pleasant - still water, few people, even fewer dogs and no magpies. Two interesting sights - a man fishing from a canoe and, an elderly gentleman doubling his equally elderly wife sidesaddle, as they returned with bags of groceries alone the bikepath around Canada Bay.

So the goal this week, two rides alone so THE coach has to ride with me next weekend.

THE coach celebrating a new contract with his old client.

Short term goal - Homebush cyclepath by the end of the October holidays.

Long term goal - Cycling in France, July 2010


  1. where was that picture of the coach taken?

  2. Correction. You have to do three more rides before the coach will join you

  3. obviously from the jason taylor school of coaching

  4. good on you Jenny. I think it is a great idea and motivator. An Australian woman I met the other day, whose husband is a school principal, told me about the 3 Rs to success:
    Routine, ie doing it regularly
    Relationship ie doing it with someone
    Reward ie a cappuccino at the end of a ride or a cycling trip to France!
    So you have to succeed.I look forward to tracking your progress.

  5. Bill and I today successfully completed the Mon and Paul Bike tour of NYC after a trial run around Montreal to see if we could cope with the pace. Had a great day and hate to admit that I am becoming hooked on cycling after resisting for a long time!!!