Sunday, June 6, 2010

You see so much more...

from a bike.

I would never have noticed the two men crouched under the pine trees beside the bay, if I hadn't been riding past.  Just seeing them with their simple implements and buckets took me back to the damp, chilly, pine forests in Canberra where mushrooming was our reward after days of wet weather.   I can't remember what we did with the mushrooms, but I do recall the excitement of finding little outcrops that we would gently cut to add to an overflowing bucket.  As I rode past the foragers yesterday, I wondered just what delicious mushroom dish would appear on a Leichhardt dinner plate in the evening.

Following the training instructions from Phillip last weekend I've focused on a 'strict' regime of riding the Lilyfield hill.  THE Coach was impressed. YES! Can you believe it?  He actually congratulated me for riding up and down the Lilyfield hill two days in a row.  Of course, he couldn't leave it there but had to remind me that if I can do 6 hill climbs each day, then this week I should try 8.  We'll see... who knows what else I might notice on the ride?
 Doesn't look much, but can you see the people pushing up the hill!
Homeward bound hill - yes it is flat round here.


  1. Very impressed with your hill climbing. I can assure readers that it is a very steep hill. You'll be doing the Tour de France next Jen - well actually you are - but just in one region.

  2. Yes (and yum!) a great selection ... I LOVE hills! You've only a few weeks to go and so just a little more pain for HEAPS of gain- go get 'em Jen! (But I don't think you'll be noticing too much else while you do them ... except for that grey stuff below you.)

  3. Thank you Therese and Bruce for your kind words of encouragement. If you sensed a note of 'panic' in this post you'd be correct. The count down is on...