Monday, December 21, 2009

Relaxed and comfortable - Not when you cycle through Balmain

Now back on my bike having had a restful couple of weeks. I'm actually in credit with THE coach, but need a bit more saddle time before I cash in my well earned reward ride.

Today I tried something a little different. Following Catherine's advice, that my preparation for riding in the Dordogne must include lots of hills, I decided to try a morning ride around Balmain. So I rode over the Iron Cove bridge, along the main road into Birchgrove and down towards the water through back streets, then back along Darling street, over Victoria road and through Rozelle. It was with great relief that I safely joined the Bay cycleway and rode home. Yes there were a few very short hills, but unfortunately there were also lots of potholes, narrow streets with many parked cars and quite a lot of morning traffic, including large buses. It was not a relaxed and comfortable ride. Don't think I'll do it again.

For tomorrow's ride it will be back to the tranquil cycle paths of Five Dock and Homebush where dogs off leash and ambling walkers listening to ipods are the main cycling hazards.

Have made progress with our trip plans. We will be staying in this apartment in Paris - thanks Beth for the recommendation.

On the cycling front I've been sourcing a few ideas from the following websites and photo collections on flickr.

An interesting website with general information about cycling in the Dordogne

Planning a trip is really half the fun...


  1. Hi Jen

    Sounds like you'll be able to write a guide to cycling in the inner west by the time you have finished "Getting on your bike" for France. Have a great Christmas and hope you get some cycling presents. Hi to the coach too. Therese and Bruce

  2. Have made a mental note to include hills on next ride. I know some beauties.

  3. Have just discovered your blog (via Monica), and am sure I can see a best-selling book and feature film in it "Jen and Gen" instead of 'julia and Julia"?? But there's a big problem with all this cycling - it seems you're not reading any books! After all your great tips last year, I was hoping to steal a few more ideas. I'm sure the coach would disagree, but I'd like to suggest a little less time on the bike and a little more time on the lounge!