Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Long time between blogposts and rides

Yes, it has been a long time between blog posts for many reasons.

Reason 1.
The weather - stinking hot weather kept me off my bike for a couple of days. Even THE Coach didn't ride one Sunday morning.
Reason 2.
Changes in work shifts so no time to ride after work - meetings after school, meetings before school etc.
Reason 3.
I'm sure there was a third reason...?

Anyway, I have only been for three rides since my last reward from THE Coach. This weekend was most exciting as I actually rode in company even though it wasn't with THE Coach. Thanks to Gen and Bill for driving over early on Sunday morning to join me on the Breakfast Point ride. Not quite as much fun as cycling in New York, or the Dordogne (we hope), but we did get on our bikes.

It was a lovely Sunday morning ride. Not too hot, not too many unleashed dogs and even the reward of coffee at the end of the ride with the 'speedy gonzales team' of Annie, Gerard and THE Coach. While Gen, Bill and I would have been happy to linger over our coffees swapping cycling tales, THE Coach and his 'team' had to move quickly to their next athletic event - the Coogee swim where they did battle with the swim bureaucracy and managed to make it round Wedding cake island without paying cent.

My only regret from the weekend - no photos as I'd left the camera at school.

News from France - have heard back from the Cyclomundo group - this is the link to their suggested tour.

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  1. You all must have been up very early to do the ride before the Coogee swim. A very athletic morning!