Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gotta love THE coach!

Finally earned a ride with THE coach and it was worth the wait. We set out early this morning as THE coach was free from other riding commitments. My request was to ride to Homebush to learn the circuit, followed by coffee somewhere on the way home.

Coach was feeling very kind as he surprised me by suggesting that after completing the Homebush loop, we stop at the Armoury cafe along the river for a slice of sultana toast and coffee.
Needless to say I was 'over the moon' as I've been wanting to try this cafe for ages. We joined many other morning cyclists rewarding themselves with a well earned stop. As you can see, THE coach maintained his decorum for the photos even though his trainee was elated with a personal best - 40km ride. Won't mention the time.
After dinner with Gen and Bill on Friday night we have confirmed 6 cyclists for our trip through the French countryside. Tomorrow we plan to pay a deposit for our flights to Paris. More details to follow.


  1. Coach has been copping a tirade of unfavourable press regarding his tough love approach. Coach would like to clarify his position. Coach does not believe in giving encouragement when none is warranted. This is a false economy, and would quickly lead, based on known psychological profiling of subject, to coach and pupil abandoning bikes and driving to the cafe instead whereupon we would tuck into an all-course breakfast. Coach does believe in giving encouragement where it is warranted, thereby giving meaning and value to effort. This was the case on pupil's most recent ride with coach. Coach can report that observed marked improvement in cycling performance. Previous reported statistics up to this were an average 14kmh over a 15km distance. This time the average was 19.8kmh over 38.9kms. And pupil had a red face, a true and worthy visible sign of effort. At the end of the ride, as coach was about to provide deserved encouragement and recognition, pupil spoke up and said she was going to give herself praise as no one else would. Good things come to those who wait! Coach is looking forward to further improvement

  2. It was nice to bump into serious cyclist Jenny out riding this afternnon in the Abbotsford area. I am pleased to report to the Coach that she was looking very professional and couldn't stop to talk for too long as she had a ride to complete. At that stage she didn't have a red face but I am sure she would have by the time she got home. Jenny's commitment to her goal has inspired me to get back on my bike! Therese

  3. Correction. It was previously stated that the distance covered for this ride was 38.9km. Should have stated 39.3km.

  4. I have been expecting a new post Jen from an energetic ride on the weekend but I expect you are like everyone at the moment - being very social and so no time for bike-riding. But maybe I am wrong? Therese