Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jacarandas mean...

The Jacarandas are blooming everywhere at the moment. This one is at the end of our street and it is so beautiful I just had to stop and take a photo. Although they always remind me of exams, they also signal that summer is finally here! It has come in force today with 38degrees recorded as I left work at 6pm today. I am pleased I went for a ride this morning.

It's been slightly over a week since I last recorded my rides on the blog. I've actually lost count since a week or so ago, so I must have totalled more than the needed five solo rides to be eligible for a ride with Coach. Have to admit, his tough approach seems to be working to get me on my bike.

Last week I had a tranquil ride on the afternoon of Coach's birthday. The weather was perfect; water still, sky sunny and the bikepath was empty, not a dog, walker or magpie in sight, as I pedalled out to Breakfast Point.

On Saturday I also rode solo in the afternoon taking in the two bays of Drummoyne. The beautiful weather in the photos doesn't quite tell the whole story as the curse of cyclists - the wind, a southerly, was in full force. Still it was a lovely ride and as I set off from home I couldn't help but think of my father in law who would certainly have declared the day a "Bobby dazzler".

Finally, more exciting news about the plans for cycling in France next year. Sounds as though Bill and Gen might be joining us having caught the cycling bug from Monica and Paul in New York!

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