Monday, October 26, 2009

Solo Homebush ride

A brief entry for this week.
Only two solo rides as I'm back at work so time is more difficult to organise.

Cycled to Homebush without Coach yesterday and managed to beat the rain. I do prefer cycling in the mornings; less wind, less people and lots of morning sights and smells. That's one thing I really notice in the mornings - the smell of freshly brewed coffee as I cycle past homes in Five Dock and Concord. Wonder what we'll sniff in the French countryside?
Coach kindly met me at a cafe in Wareemba for a quick coffee on his way back from Parramatta. This was a bonus coffee as it didn't include a ride. (I think he's using intermitent reinforcement with his cycling pupil to keep her motivated.)
I've already planned my next cycle with Coach. Hopefully the rain will clear tomorrow and I'll be back on my bike for three more rides, so I can ride learn the Homebush circuit on Saturday. Here's hoping...


  1. Today is the coach's birthday. He is very much looking forward to receiving a present, it being the news that she has gone on a ride today

  2. Canada Bay looking like a sparkling jewel, nicer than Canberra.

    In NYC, it's exhaust fumes