Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homebush reward

The holidays are over and I achieved my goal of cycling to Homebush - just made it!

Coach was feeling generous so granted my reward, even though I was one ride down.

It was a beautiful afternoon - warm with little wind. Coach had been on a ride in the morning so he'd spotted an 'artisan bakery' for my reward lunch.

After cycling along the usual route to Breakfast Point, avoiding the last leg where the known magpie lurks, we headed inland through Mortlake. Finally made it to Homebush where a very kind woman offered to take our photo.

A proud coach and his exhausted trainee.
On the way back we took a shorter, more direct route. Stopped at the cafe for lunch and then back on our bikes to ride home.

I'll now confess it was only 33kms - the longest ride I've had so far.

Thanks for the questions Monica - you'll keep me honest. I won't say how long I took, but I should mention that as it was the coach's second ride for the day, he totalled 78 km all up.

That's why he's the coach...

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  1. Wonder how long it will be till the next coach ride