Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Threes OR a beautiful ride almost ruined

Finally the weather has improved and I've been able to complete a full training ride. After cold, windy wet weather last week, with only 2 DNC rides to my name, I was pleased to leave for an early morning ride. Parting words of encouragement from a shocked coach and I was on my bike.

A perfect riding morning, or so it seemed.

The attack was sudden, totally unexpected and occured in a spot where I was most vulnerable - almost at gate on the bike path so I was slowing a little. As I screamed and shouted, "Ahhh, get away, Ahhh!!!" I hoped that I hadn't alarmed the residents of Breakfast Point munching their morning weetbix. As no one appeared to offer assistance, I was left to fend off the attacker alone. I presume they are used to such screams piercing the morning stillness.

Can't wait to ride in France - a magpie free zone.

The return trip was not quite incident free - my chain came off for no real reason and then, only moments later as I slowly left the bike path, I was over and on the grass. So that was it, the third unfortunate event on what had begun as a perfect ride. Chain off again so I dusted myself down, reassembled the bike and gingerly rode home. At least I can tell coach that this time I completed the ride.


  1. Coach has a solution for magpies. White reflector light attached to helmut. There are two of them in a pack lying on outdoor table. Was going to mention it this morning but only had time to pump up tyres due to time constraints. Whoops!

  2. Coach will be generous and allow 2 DNCs to count as token of encouragement

  3. Monica: I know I'm not supposed to ask questions but I can't help myself. I would like to know why you DNC those rides? Also can you post the distance you ride and the frequency? what time are you having to leave for a mid week cycle? No magpies in New York (unfortunately) and very few birds of any kind for that matter. Bird life in Australia is really amazing come to think of it.