Sunday, March 14, 2010

France this year, but in 2011 it's GOT to be New York!

 Wareemba cafe, again.
THE coach was persuaded to head off early this morning for a ride to Parramatta with JulieAnne and Mary.  I was invited but preferred not to slow them down, so I was able to spend a little longer in bed before getting on my bike to do the usual 18kms to Abbotsford.
Those extra minutes in bed meant that I could read  Monica's "Cycling in New York story" published in the SMH today.

When I met the others for coffee and "Sydney's best raisin toast" (JuileAnne agrees), I was able to announce that our next cycling holiday just has to be New York.  I'm sure you'll agree when you read Monica's feature travel article about the joys of cycling in the Big Apple.  So you can see why we just have to plan another cycling  trip after France -  New York it is.  I'm sure THE Coach will say yes...eventually.
There it is!
Lots of rides planned for the next few weeks - Canley Vale, Orange and in May, a ride in Canberra. Yes I'm well and truly back on the bike and have now clocked up the required 4 solo rides.  Have told THE  Coach that a reward ride is on the cards for next weekend.

Just one more thing.  There is a new website for the apartment where we're going to stay in Paris, so I thought you might like to have a browse. We've booked the 1 bedroom Marais Village apartment.  Isn't it beautiful!  Can't wait.


  1. New York, Paris, Wareemba
    Yeah, it's got a certain ring to it

  2. My first blog response! very impressed with the reverence THE coach gets. The salutation THE makes it all quite clear. One small observation is whilst there are lots of lovely photos of breakfasts and THE coach in various regalia, I can't help but notice no evidence of the pupil on a bike? Is this training actually happening? THE coach should be taking a snap or two.
    David S

  3. Will pass this suggestion on to THE Coach, thank you David. Keep an eye out for photos of the trainee in action on future posts.