Monday, April 12, 2010

Cyclists everywhere

Yesterday THE Coach and I set out on a 40 km ride with Bill and Gen to The Armory Cafe at Newington on the edge of Olympic Park.  I guess it was a surprise reward ride.  THE Coach rode with us for the entire distance, and we stopped for coffee and raisin toast - well that was my order, so it appeared to meet the criteria of a reward ride. 
It was a perfect day for cycling- we weren't alone in our thinking.  Homebush was crawling with cyclists of all descriptions.
Although the ride is mostly through the suburban back streets of Five Dock, Abbotsford, Concord and Rhodes, it is quite varied as the on road cyclepath also winds through streets of factories and runs along the river - in parts it is quite picturesque. 
When we finished Gen and Bill stopped in for a cuppa to "talk cycling in France".  We poured over travel guides and maps as we began to make more detailed plans for the cycling leg of our trip.
Since I blogged a few weeks ago, some blog readers have requested our itinerary.  We are using the cycling company Cyclomundo and so far they've been great.  We've planned a self-guided group tour of the Dordogne and Lot districts.
Day 1Arrive in Souillac and transfer to stay overnight in Sarlat.
Day 2 Cycle from Sarlat to Montignac (25kms)
Day 3 Cycle from Montignac to Les Eyzies (26kms)
Day 4 Cycle from LesEyzies to Monpazier (40kms)
Day5 Cycle from Monpazier to Sarlat (53 kms)
Day 6 Cycle Sarlat environs.
Day 7 Cycle from Sarlat to Rocamadour (54 Kms)
Day 8 Cycle from Rocamadour to Labastide-Murat (30 kms)
Day 9 Cycle from Labastide-Murat to Vers (28Kms)
Day 10 Cycle from Vers to Cahors (15km)
Day 11 Train from Cahors to Paris.

We'd love any and all suggestions for 'must see' spots in this southern part of the Dordogne.  Thanks to Anne for the email with details about caves worth a look and to Catherine for tips about unmissable lunch stops.
ALL suggestions will be greeted with delight.


  1. I came along on the basis that we were to have "breakfast" at the Armory Cafe, one of my favourite eating spots going back to Food Authority days at Newington. You will observe from the photo that I'm the only one having "breakfast" by any definition, and none of the others complied in any way with the stipulated conditions for the ride... Bill

  2. Hi Jen. That coach is a hard man but has many redeeming features. he allows you the pleasure of food, friends and scenery. Wish I was coming to France.....