Sunday, April 18, 2010

Visit Oatley Park for...

beautiful views of the water,
empty roads for cyclists
and long steady hills that make Bill, THE Hill Taskmaster, very happy.  He loves to ride the Oatley Park hills and has been doing so for years.  
Three rides this week, two of the usual Five Dock circuit and one with Gen and Bill at Oatley Park.  I've taken Catherine's warning about preparing for the hills in the Dordogne seriously, so persuaded THE Coach to drive over to Mortdale with our bikes to cycle with Bill and Gen on their regular morning ride.
My goodness they will be in good shape for the Dordogne.  After our ride of four times round the Oatley Park circuit, THE Coach insisted that we make the most of the beautiful day by riding on to Como for a look at the railway bridge.
Someone else mentioned coffee, so I found some energy reserves and managed to pedal across the railway bridge to a lovely little cafe by the water at Como.
It was a strenuously rewarding ride, all 28 kms.  I'm going to ignore THE Hill Taskmaster's parting comment that really "It was only a 14km ride today because the other 14 kms were coasting downhill".
Even though I rode again this morning, my legs are still feeling those Oatley Park hills, a day later!  Oh dear, I know what THE Coach will say...


  1. Do you remember taking the kids to Como Park when they we're little and we lived at Heathcote? It was my favorite park because of the cafe.Did sometimes have heart failure as they tottered near the water. Long ago now. Maddie now in a youth hostel in Lisbon as British Airways have stopped paying for the 4 star hotel. Looks like a beautiful ride.

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  3. Yes I did remember the Como Park adventures with the kids. Well done on posting your first comment Bin.

  4. So MANY wonderful memories come flooding back out of your blog Jen - feelings amplified by the fact that yesterday I moved the last of my things out of Mortdale (and close proximity to OP) to Petersham and a new life with Resey.

    I was born and bred about 500 metres from those Oatley Park hills and have run, walked, driven, crawled, skateboarded as well as cycled them till I know every bump. And Resey and I have recently walked around there much to her delight.

    Bill, The HILL Taskmaster is a man after my own heart - doing hills is one of the best ways to get fit and strong - and one of my more torturous sessions was multiple reps up the hill from Frog's Hollow.

    Until the Water Board (as it was) built the Como Bridge walkway some 25 years ago you couldn't get to Como Park from Oatley - unless you played Russion roulette with the trains as some lunatics did - and so it was great to discover that little part of the world upon its construction.

    A few more of those Oatley rides and you'll demolish any ride you'll do in France (though it sounds tho things are under control anyway)! Looking forward to riding with you guys some day .... after May 8. Sorry for the length here but you've stirred up some deep emotions! :)

  5. Thank you for your wonderful comment Bruce. Loved the addition of local history. You're on for a ride after 8 May.

  6. Connecting the Shire to the St George District at this point was a momentous occasion

  7. Yes indeed ... horizons broadened ... from monoculture to multiculture perhaps! What a day! (Sorry comment delayed due to nuptials.)