Monday, June 14, 2010

Not just THE Coach

but also THE photographer. 

There have been lots of comments from blog readers about the blog photographs so I must finally acknowledge the talents of THE Coach.  Today, not only did he gently persuade me to do 8 of the Lilyfield hill inclines, but he also photographed me in the process.  THE Coach has a new phone with a camera so these shots were all taken with his latest gadget.  I've edited out some of the most unflattering behind shots, not wishing to lose any blog readers.

Not much riding yet again. The weather has improved but as we spent the long weekend in the very chilly Blue Mountains we didn't ride.  Only one ride this week - today 25kms with 8 of the Lilyfield hill climbs.  Really a bit of a worry...


  1. Very impressive Jen - and like the top!

  2. OOOO Jen. Those hills! You good girl. You must be ready by now. Don't forget the scenic locations, the food and the company. All worth cycling France for. Have a great time Jen and Coach. I want to hear and see all about it when you get back. XXXX