Saturday, January 9, 2010

THE Coach changes THE Rules

Ride 4- 09/01/10 -MB by the Bay
Well the year has begun well with four rides this week and according to the new rules from THE Coach, that's enough for a reward ride!  So tomorrow, before we head north to the Central Coast, we'll do the Homebush ride, with a planned stop at The Cove for a quick bite to eat.  I'll let you know if it all goes according to plan.

Ride 1 04/01/10 - MB at the other Bay
Following THE Coach's new, more lenient rules, I'm going to try to post a photo for every ride, and very soon I'll also be able to post kms ridden, as well.  While my bike was in the Ashfield Bike Shop being serviced THE Coach surprised me by arranging to have a kilometre gadget (don't know what they're called) attached.  He loves his gadget thing, and is always telling me the ride statistics, so I'm sure I'll be able to produce some very boring blog entries with lots of weekly ride stats.

Ride 2 - 06/01/10 MB and the remnants of Christmas along the ride
Thanks to Melissa, and Melissa's Bike (MB) I was able to keep riding this week while my bike was being worked on. As you can see, MB is a lovely purplish, blue bike; very comfortable to ride and I'm sure Gen will enjoy the loan of MB in preparation for France.  Hope I've broken it in for you Gen.  Thanks again Melissa, for the loan.  You can see in the photos MB has been exploring the quiet roads, bike paths and foot paths of Canada Bay, and I'd have to say she performed perfectly out here in the Inner West.

Ride 3 - 08/01/10 She swims and she rides!
Best ride of the week was with Therese who accompanied me on my third ride of the week, just the usual ride and a most welcome Toby's coffee at Five Dock's Bowan Island Cafe.  Now that her seat is fixed she's threatening to keep riding.  Hope so, as riding with company is much more fun.

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  1. I really enjoyed the ride too Jen - it has literally got me back on my bike! When Jen left to meet the couch cleaning man I was still struggling to fix the seat of my bike which was definitely not in a state that I could ride home. Anyway while I was trying to reconnect the pieces a fellow coffee drinker at the cafe came to my rescue. He was ably assisted by the cafe's tool box. After about 10 minutes of fiddling around I think this man regretted offering his help as the seat was still no closer to being stable. So I thanked the man and set off to wheel my bike home to Petersham. However, just near where Jenny and I met for our ride on the bay walk near Haberfield, I was stopped by a fellow cyclist called Patrick offering to help. He was more successful than the man at the cafe and so I was able to ride the rest of the way home. Thank God for helpful cyclists like Patrick who always carry their repair cut with them! See you tomorrow Jen at 7am! Therese