Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Handover at Centennial Park

Only two rides this week.  One on Monday with Therese and then a reward ride on Australia Day with THE Coach in Centennial Park, where we met Bill and Gen for the official handover of Melissa's bike.
It was a warm morning as we joined hundreds of cyclists ranging from the slick, speedy Italian looking blokes cycling in packs, to the elegant solo rider, leisurely pedaling along on her lovely bike with basket.
THE Coach had a plan. He led us five, or six times round the park, always leading from a distance in front well out of shouting distance so he couldn't hear our calls for a drink stop.  To earn our coffee we also had to climb the hills - yes, there are two hills in Centennial Park and we rode up them several times till THE Coach was satisfied that we were sweating.
Finally, we were allowed out of the park for a coffee and quick bite of delicious fruit toast at Monica's favourite Woollahra cafe.

Gen seemed to take a shine to Melissa's bike enjoying the raised flat handle bars and suspension seat, but not the toe clips.  Only one slight accident as we slowed to cross the road with Gen forgetting to step out of the clips, but a few grazes didn't faze her, as we were almost back to the cars.
All up it was about 30kms, probably about the distance we'll be riding in France on some of the shorter days.

Until next week...


  1. Hello Jenny,
    Just a short note to say hi!
    I am very glad to come across to your interesting blog.
    The idea of blogging about cycling is wonderful.
    I love biking myself so I find your stories very interesting.
    I will stay tuned.
    Best wishes from snowy Poland,

  2. Great to see Stephen crossing the floor and voting with his feet for Creme. has inflation caught up with the "coffee and croque monsiuer?"
    I recall they were only $7 last time we were there!