Monday, January 18, 2010

Cross training

A week of walking rather than cycling.
Not quite sure why, but apart from one ride with Therese, I didn't get on my bike this week.  Woeful!  However, THE Coach has been pleased as I've been cross training.
Lots of walking around The Bay with Anne, Fi and Therese.  Lots of coffees too, as rewards for the walking.
Best walk of the week was on Sunday with Trudy.  We stayed at Trudy's lovely beach house at Werri Beach, after Chris' birthday lunch on Saturday at Sylvan Glen, in the Southern Highlands.
On Sunday, although the weather was cool and rainy, we decided to do the new coastal walk between Werri Beach and Kiama.

The walk was spectacular.  It clings to the coast line, and for much of the walk there are very few houses in sight, as the track meanders up and down hills, around pebbly coves and over some spectacular headlands. Near Kiama it dips down into Easts Beach and then up again, along a cliff where it almost feels as though you are walking through private backyards - perfect for admiring 1970s architecture up close.
All up we think it was a 10 kms walk.

Trudy and I were pretty 'had it' by the time we made it up a final set of stairs in the Kiama Beach caravan park, where we'd left her car.  Although just after 3pm, the Kiama pub was still serving steak sandwiches, so we lunched well before driving back to Werri Beach.  Even Stephen, was pleased that we didn't have to complete the return walk.

So, although THE Coach has tolerated my cross training, I'd best get back on my bike this week before he changes his mind and introduces yet another new rule.


  1. Jenny. I am very impressed with your commitment to the goal and envious of the fun you seem to be having on each journey. I get the feeling that "Coach" is not the hard task master we all thought that he might be.

  2. Pretty sure the dog had something to do with it. Who's this Stephen dude? Does he like walking too?
    Coach has also been busy taking on other duties, including washing of the bike. It has spent all the time since I washed it lighting up the shed with its gleaming paintwork, but sadly nowhere else.

  3. Looks like a fabulous walk - the coast looks so beautiful. Even Mr Brabourne is inspired by your photos - he said he'd like to do the walk too! Leigh

  4. I do love Berry too. the South Coast is delightful xx