Sunday, May 2, 2010

Misty morning ride

THE Coach was happy today as he was riding in fine company.  Gerard and Annie joined Phillip and THE Coach on a speedy ride to La Pa.  The misty morning didn't phase them a bit.  As they pedaled off into the soft, white morning, I dragged myself out of bed for my one and only ride this week.  

I met Gen and Bill at Centennial Park so we could ride a few hills before the cafe stop.  Only 18kms today but the Hill Coach was encouraging, and even made a positive report to THE Coach, over coffee at Phillip's favourite Buzy Bee cafe.  (No raisin toast this morning as I was tempted by banana bread - a mistake- will return to the usual next week.)
The mist had cleared by the time the two teams met up.  As you can see below, THE Coach looked positively chipper after his ride without his trainee. 
 Best get back on my bike this week, as I was bluntly reminded that it's less than two months till we climb the hills of the Dordogne. 


  1. Less than 2 months to go now. But not soon enough to start tapering.

  2. I can recommend the La Perouse ride to all cyclists at all levels.