Monday, May 10, 2010

No cycling this week...

as I was distracted by a fabulous wedding,
Mother's day breakfast
My mum and her girls.
and Mother's day lunch.
THE Coach and his mum. A rare photo of a smiling coach.

This is rapidly becoming the blog of staying off my bike!
"Luckily, tomorrow is another day," my mantra to THE Coach.


  1. Well if you're not able to be on your bike, I can't think of a lovelier weekend - Therese looked so beautiful and happy, as did Pam and her three girls (I can still see a bit of Scarlett O'Hara there Jen), and as for THE Coach… a great shot! Happy cycling next week.

  2. Just returned from the Hamilton Island honeymoon and what was one of the first things we had to do - check in on your blog Jen - and what do we see but our wedding up in lights. It was a great afternoon and evening - went a bit too quickly - so we are looking forward to catching up and hearing your stories from the day. Love Therese and Bruce
    PS There were plenty of hills on Hamilton Island - including the highest point which we climbed on Sunday - certainly got the lungs working